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Harness for bungee trampoline


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High-quality, very comfortable harness for bungee trampolines. Available sizes: XS (red), S (blue), M (black), L (green)

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Discover the new standard of safety and comfort with our cutting-edge bungee jumping harness. Equipped with innovative Austrialpin fasteners certified by TÜV, our harness not only ensures exceptional durability but also allows for lightning-fast opening and closing. This feature facilitates quicker jumper changes, optimizing time and increasing throughput for your adventure.

Our designers have paid meticulous attention to detail, incorporating our revolutionary “big clips” buttons that eliminate finger pain even after dozens of fastenings in a single day. Comfort is further enhanced by carefully designed, comfortable sponges that make every jump more enjoyable. Additionally, each belt is equipped with an integrated handle, making the harness easier to remove quickly and efficiently.

The entire harness is CE-certified, proving compliance with the highest European safety and quality standards. By choosing our harness, you’re opting for reliability, comfort, and innovation. It’s the perfect solution for every bungee trampoline enthusiast who refuses to compromise.

Available sizes and colors :

  • XS (colour red)
  • S (colour blue)
  • M (colour black)
  • L (colour green)

Technical data :

  • Min harness XS: 60 cm
  • Max harness XS: 82 cm
  • Min harness S: 72 cm
  • Max harness S: 88 cm
  • Min harness M: 78 cm
  • Max harness M: 107 cm
  • Min harness L: 90 cm
  • Max harness L : 120 cm

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