Aluminum carabiner


The carabiner has an automatic locking lock. Perfect for use for bungee trampolines to attach the elastics to the harness.

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The HMS Guard by Edelweiss is a traditional screw-on climbing carabiner with a slightly elongated shape.

Its profile allows it to be used as the focal point of the position during belaying, self-belaying, rappelling and in complex transport systems. HMS Guard is a great tool that will be appreciated during all climbing activities, with particular emphasis on mountain climbing and rescue. Its excellent parameters mean it can also be used for heights, rope access techniques and arboriculture work.

The body of the HMS Guard carbine is made of high-quality light alloys. This ensured low weight while maintaining great durability. The refined, ergonomic profile facilitates the performance of all equipment operations, making the carabiner a very handy accessory regardless of what we use it for. The slightly elongated shape is perfect for constructing systems for transporting people and loads, significantly facilitating the correct positioning of the connector. The classic screw lock is a Keylock-type toothless design. This eliminates the risk of accidental snagging on tapes, loops or other pieces of equipment. The lock nut is covered with a special perforation so that it can be easily operated, even with wet or dirty hands and gloves. The large clearance makes it easier to attach, and the aesthetic colours allow the carabiner to stand out, making it a great choice for creating more complex systems. Also noteworthy is a special pictogram on the arm, which allows us to assess whether the zipper is closed correctly easily.

Technical data :

  • Weight: 86g
  • Dimensions: 120×76mm
  • Certificates: CE 0120, EN 12275:2013, EN 362:2004/B, UIAA
  • Material: light-alloy
  • Lock: screw-down
  • Strength: 24 kN
  • Ground clearance: 22mm

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